Can you use interior wall paint on canvas?

House paints today are usually latex paints and are not completely lightfast, you will get some fading over time, depending on how much light the surface is exposed to. Typically latex house paints last about 10 years, in most cases that’s all anybody would need as that’s about the time to repaint.. But with a lot of light exposure they can fade sooner.

Now, for use in art paintings, Assuming where you were going with this, latex paints are not made the same as acrylic paints. That’s not to say they won’t endure. But the biggest problem would be that today’s paints are very different from the paints used by the abstract painters in the earlier part of the 20th century – they were using enamel, oil-based paints. They also contained lead. Enamel paints were made to last, they were very durable. Enamel paints are still made, but they require the use of solvents and are toxic, but you can use them for paintings.

Housepaint is not made to be colorfast and is prone to age and atmospheric changes. Housepaint has a LOT of inert fillers. These bulk it up but effect color and mixing qualities. It is ok for some whites, greys, the occasional black and muted earth tones. Use with care. If you have a buyer, you do not want them to come back to demand a refund because your once beautiful painting is fading or chipping away.

If you are going to use them (latex house paint) for paintings, be sure to tell your buyers to protect them from sunlight. You can also add a varnish coating of UV protectant that will help provide protection. We do deliver all type of wall paintings throughout India, you can order any products online here at

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