How to do 3D wall painting?

Learn to do 3D wall painting

We have listed out all the methods for 3d wall painting, and a video on how to do 3d wall painting. Use it for your referrence

1) Create 3D effect with paint

You don’t have to be an artist to create beautiful 3D effects on your wall with some paint. There are plenty of easy tricks and techniques you can use. The simplest way to go is to shade the wall or use gradients. Pick two or three colours from the same swatch card. Start with the darkest at the bottom and move through to the lightest at the top of the wall. Don’t create definite lines between the colours, rather let the roller blend them or wipe over the edges with a cloth.

High contrast in colour also adds a 3D effect to a room. By painting the corners a much darker colour than the rest of the walls, you’ll give the effect of a border. You can do the same to create faux cornices or skirting boards.

2) Paper origami sculptures

Origami wall sculptures can be a great DIY project for you and the family. You can create incredible shapes, textures and visual impact all by simply folding paper or cardboard into a design.

Pyramids or geometric shapes can be used together in big, interlocking designs that can cover an entire wall. You can also create movement through a room by allowing the design to run along more than one wall.

3) Wall art using dowels

Here’s another great DIY project to try out. By using different diameter dowels and cutting them to varying lengths, you can make a great 3D feature wall. You can also go as big or as intricate as you want with the design.

Don’t forget to use more than one colour on the dowel pieces. Paints, stains and varnishes will all give you a different finished look.

4) String art designs

String art is a firm favourite among those who love to take on a craft project. You can make your project on a piece of board that you then mount onto the wall, or you can actually create your design straight onto the wall.

String wall art - abstract


All you need to do is map out what you want to make, place nails in the correct spots and get wrapping with your coloured string. Words and quotes work beautifully with string art.

String wall art - words


Add some fairy lights to your artwork for a truly unique 3D wall look.

String wall art - fairy lights


5) Transform your imagination to reality

Have a different idea of 3D wall painting, take our experts help to transform it into reality. we can help you get started without any knowledge.

Share your ideas so that others get inspiration in the comment section, its a great start of starting a discussion about your idea.

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