wall painting

What is wall mural painting?

Mural, a painting applied to and made integral with the surface of a wall or ceiling. The term may properly include painting on fired tiles but ordinarily does not refer to mosaic decoration unless the mosaic forms part of the overall scheme of the painting. Nature And Technique Mural painting is inherently different from all other forms of pictorial art in that it is organically connected with architecture. The use of colour, design, and thematic treatment can radically alter the sensation… Read MoreWhat is wall mural painting? »

How wall painting is done ?

Getting ready to paint a wall? Don’t skip the prep work: A properly primed surface makes all the difference. This video shows how to make both painting and priming a snap. What You Need cellulose sponge, dishwashing liquid, painter’s tape, primer, paint, paint tray, paint roller, two-inch angled paintbrush, ladder Follow These Steps Clean the wallsUsing a large cellulose sponge and a solution of water mixed with a few drops… Read MoreHow wall painting is done ? »

Basic guide to choose right colours for your wall

Although there are no hard and fast rules, there are certain colour combinations that are more appealing.Use the colour wheel to select an inspiration colour scheme that will look great in your home or office space. Monochromatic  Choose any shade, tint or tone of one colour, for example yellow-greens, to create a simple colour scheme based on the lighter or darker violations of yellow-greens. You could also add neutral colours… Read MoreBasic guide to choose right colours for your wall »